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Moc se těším a už cítím čerstvou múzu, vane od řeky k Řivnáči


Výstava na Zámku Roztoky

EL CORAZON y GEMINI looking over the sea



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V karanténě jsou naše vnitřní prostory o tolik důležitější...

... jak ráda jsem s Tebou, mé Srdce.

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JUDr. Martina Konvičková (*29. 5. 1987)


graduated from the Faculty of Law at Charles University, she focused on the issue of domestic violence. The school of Arts was her guide up to her graduation years. She is originated from Františkovy Lázně, lives in Prague.

The inspiring friendship with world-known Otto Placht or motivation by sculptor Jaromir Gargulak, artistic collaboration with Tono Stano, Kula and Jiri Šubrt stimulated her to become the brilliant expressive impressionism painter she is today.

Martina´s work nowadays is well recognized and installed by national and international art experts in Czech, Germany, Holland, Croatia and Spain (Figueres). She´s got her own undeniable style.

Martina refers to her work as a multidimensional soul experience. There where she trusts her most intimate feelings to the canvas.

"Feelings and emotions are the reality for the soul. Soul is the power of all acting and so the moving all around the world. Im uncovering mine and showing some more ways of being. My paintings are strong in passion and truth. Devotion and faith are the essence of my art."

Martina finds a lot in natural nations cultures. Shamanic paintings on black canvas with fluorescent accents symbolize inner journeys. It takes us through gateways and mirrors of wilderness, love, compasion and all what lies beyond...

Her personalized and bigger art works are well known to bring walls and houses alive. It suit best to open-minded spaces. Great part of her work is nowadays order based.

Since 2015, Martina is part of the Foundation program "Smile of the Angel" connected to Golf Club, supporting the Children's Oncology Department of MOTOL hospital.

"You remind yourself as part of the great great organism. Commonwealth. People. Humanity. Respect. Solidarity. Innocence.

When you first discover the truth, the world, the essence of being is not cliché anymore. You trust.

Only maternal love is unconditional. This, however, does not prevent you from finding the best of yourself. Remember past, live present and trust the future. I know that every smile counts. Thank you."